Following details are the achievements accomplished by Valerians in their career in Graal.


- Jaguar Valeria succeeds in taking two towers at once, and also taking over the York tower with only 3 privates.

- Beatles, Neo and Leo succeeds in defeating the hacked dobeln soldiers with the health of 8.0 in a guild spar duel, causing the fall of Dobeln Empire.

- Beatles defeats Morzan in spar in the disguise of Peter, ending the State dynasty once and for all.

- Neo attains the title of the strongest man in the Graal Military, by winning the GST Championship.

- Dean is able to hold out for 3 hours during the battle of Zoar, allowing Beatles to reach in time.

- Grim and Dr. J keep Valeria intact for the entire 3 months during Beatle's absence.

- Valerians completely wipe out the enemy militaries of Bavaria.

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